Absolutely it does!  As auto repair facilities become more specialized, it's tough to find that one place that can take care of all your automotive needs.  We are that place!  From Oil Changes to Overhauls, Brake Pads to Performance, we do it all!

Our Story

Our Founder, Russ Kincaid was just a boy with a dream.  One day he would build cars people loved!  Today we strive to build cars for our customers, the ones they love. From already loved cars to complete from scratch we build, fix and maintain cars to be loved.

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of more than mere humans!  Keeping your cars running right at the best value requires a dedicated team of superheros!

WRENCHMAN aka Russ Kincaid

SuperHero Mechanic

Russ is the heart and soul of our company, he loves his customers as much as he loves cars! With a creative knack for making things work, Russ could build a spaceship out of bubblegum wrappers. His superpowers include Automotive X-ray Vision, GI Joe Kung Fu grip and Supersonic wrench turning.


SUPERMOMMY aka Tina Kincaid

Sexy Sidekick

Tina oversees Administration Duties.  Answering phone calls, managing invoices and paying bills all while raising seven children is a superpower in it's own right.  Her monumental effort is the foundation of our company and keeps us running day in and day out.

Rawley Kincaid

Our Littlest Mechanic

Rawley, Our littlest mechanic, is a whimsical addition to our team.  He loves tools, and fun, and always gives us a laugh!

Call us Today!

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